Currently, we can only take reservations over the phone.We do our best to answer phone calls in all hours, even during the time when we are not open.In the event that a call is not picked up, please leave a voicemail if you would like to make a reservation.We do answer voicemails in the order that they were received.

New Protocol flyer

Daimon Policy

  • We highly recommend customers make a reservation ahead of time for both Sushi and Teppanyaki sections. Customers without a reservation are not guaranteed seating. Reservations without a confirmation code is not confirmed.
  • Happy Hour Drinks and Sushi Special Menu are only available at the Sushi Section. No sushi reservations will be made during the Happy Hour period.
  • Confirmed reservations are held for 10-15 minutes at the maximum.
  • All members of the party must be present to be seated.
  • At least half of the party at each table have to order Teppan dinners to sit at the Teppan table. If majority of the party do not order Teppan dinners, guests will be moved to the sushi section.
  • Please forgive us for implementing a 90-minute time limit at the Teppanyaki tables. Our goal is to ensure every guest an enjoyable dining experience without a long wait time. Please be aware that late comers to the party may decrease the 1.5-hour time slot for that reservation.
  • Please be considerate. All of our customers have the right to enjoy the Teppan food and fun. Should an adult theme entertainment be desired, we now offer VIP Reservations which guarantee adult shows. Please visit for details. Other things to note: 1. Please make the reservation for a later time of the evening, preferably after 8 pm and make the adult theme request during the reservation; 2. Fill the table with as many guests in the reservation as possible; and 3. Forgive us for any unforeseen circumstances that may prevent us from performing the desired entertainment. (To avoid this, please reserve a VIP table.)
  • We do accept requests for certain chefs. However, we cannot control the flow especially on a busy night. Chefs are human and they can only cook one table at a time. We appreciate your understanding if your favorite chef cannot come to cook at your table.

If you feel unwell or have any concerns about dining in, please stay home and stay safe.